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Archery is the thrilling sport of using a bow with arrows to hit targets and hunt. Choosing or making the right bow and learning how to be deadly accurate at various distances has been considered a worthy endeavor for thousands of years.

About 150 years ago, enthusiasts in the United States worked to turn archery into a sport. They succeeded. Today there are millions of people worldwide who enjoy shooting a bow and/or bow hunting.

Archery gets you out doors in the fresh air. You get healthy exercise while strengthening many parts of your body. Just as important, you make lots of friends with other people who enjoy archery just as much as you do.

Finding the Right Bow

Choosing the right archery bow can make all the difference in your experience. Buy the wrong bow and you will get poor performance, experience lots of frustration, and possibly even develop an injury.

Here are some factors to consider in choosing the perfect bow


  1. Right hand or left hand. Bows are designed differently for right handed and southpaws. If you’re left handed, you don’t have to settle for a right hand bow. Many popular models are available with a left hand option. With bows, your preferred hand is the one that pulls back the cable. You want this to be your strongest arm.
  2. Decide what draw weight range or “Limbs” you want. They come in ten pound increments. Most bow models give you a few options: 40-50#, 50-60#, or 60-70#. Different states have differing rules, but generally a draw weight of 40-50# can be used to harvest a deer.
  3. The Draw Length of your bow depends on the span of your arms. See the charts on our site to determine what your best draw length is. It’s imperative that you have the right size.

There are other options and factors you will want to consider. See our many exciting bows and models to understand the options.

Here at Archery Bows Review we give you expert advice on the very best bows to buy. You can rely on us to give you unbiased reviews of all the major bows available.

The fun starts now! Read through our reviews and choose the right Compound Bow, Recurve Bow, Cross Bow and more.